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The advising system specially designed for The School's students!

Start scheduling an appointment by either selecting a specific adviser you would like to see or by selecting a specific date you would like to have your appointment. Don't know any of the advisers? View our Adviser Information page to find out more information about The School's advisers.

If you have scheduled an appointment but have forgotten any information regarding it, you can view your scheduled and past appointments by entering your PID.

ADVISING APPOINTMENTS will be limited throughout the school year.

Academic Advising appointment will be limited throughout the school year. Student can check for available appointments times each Wednesday by 5pm for the following week.

Check back regularly for days/times that may change each week. This week, Express Academic Advising will be available on:
September 19 from 1-4pm
September 21 from 1-4pm

This service is offered on a first come, first serve basis for 5-7 minute session. This service is not intended to condense a 30 minute advising session into the allotted Express Advising time. A sign-up sheet will be available in 232 Eppley Center.

University policy requires each student to know the graduation requirements of his/her academic program and to make normal progress toward graduation. The degree requirements for the Hospitality Business major are stated in the University catalog and are available on The School’s website at www.bus.msu.edu/shb.

You can check your progress toward a degree by using Degree Navigator (DN), available at www.degnav.msu.edu.

Because of the size of our undergraduate student population, our advisers’ time is limited. When you schedule an appointment with an adviser, please be certain to have your questions and issues well organized so that your time with the adviser can be used most effectively.

Melissa Bankroff's undergraduate advising responsibilities have changed to 25% (from 50%) and will mostly assist Ed during the following peak advising times:
First two weeks of each semester
Last two weeks of each semester
Annual Enrollment Period (mid March thru end of Spring semester).
Summer AOP (freshmen orientation, 6wks)